Web Presence Consultation

We believe the first step in running a successful business is creating a plan around customers and products and services. As business owners, we take pride in offering the best service for our clients. We start by putting ourselves in a position where we can understand the needs of the business. Before we can take your business to the next level online, we take your problems as our problems and create solutions around those problems.

Our Web Presence Consultation has a few components built in:

  • Business analysis in relation to the internet

    A full analysis of the day to day interaction between current avenues of electronic communication including social media, SaaS connection, and other forms of online marketing

  • Gaps in your current state of your web presence

    Are there any avenues of online marketing not being used? If so, are any of these areas a viable asset. We want to help bring these avenues to your attention and if they are worth bringing into your business. Let's create a plan in these areas where you can control these features and bring more customer awareness to your business.

  • Success and Losses

    We want to know what you've tried, what has worked and what has not. With the help of our business networking group, we get access to see what other business are doing to grow business. If a previous execution didn't work, was it the timing, the execution, or was this actually a method that doesn't work for your business model. If there was a success in your business, your input would help bring value in the next iteration.


With a new view of what the internet can do for your business and what value you can bring to your customers, we expect to bring information that will help you make informed business decisions when it comes to your business's web presence. With this information, we will guide you down the path on your next solution, whether it is the creation of a new website or application, or providing a redesign format for your existing web utilities.

Accessibility & SEO Audit

The importance of Accessibility and SEO in our day to day interactions of effects on every aspect of our clients products. These two areas combined have effects on how your application ranks and is reachable to audiences searching for your product and service on google and other search engines and the interaction with devices like screen readers and other tools for users that need accommodations. For most of the systems we use to complete our comprehensive Application Audit, these two areas alone account for 50% of the audit, and failing in these two areas will have a drastic effect on your traffic.

Key Metrics

  • Quantity of A and AA success criteria violations
  • WCAG 2.0 Conformance Level
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Search Visibility
  • Organic Traffic
  • Site authority
  • Site security
  • Time taken to conduct a task
  • Media without alt attributes
  • Accessibility Failure points
  • Accessibility Barriers
  • Site Responsiveness
  • Pages per session
  • Bounce Rate


The effectiveness of a design is not only an art, but a science. There are many principles of NLP and psychology that goes into the planning and execution of the final design. Our team also uses principles used in marketing from past sales experience to influence users to engage with our clients products.

Getting your design is a simple process:

  1. Meet with one of our developers/designers to consult about your dream application.
  2. Review wireframes of potential layout.
  3. Approve a high-fidelity mock up of your new application.

Once we have your design completed, our developers will guide you through the process of bringing this design to life.

Front End Development

Our process to creating a great frontend is focusing on a seamless a user experience. We use the latest technologies in web development to produce innovating solutions and next level designs. The technical stack we use is similar to the technologies used for fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and the New York Times. We also integrate tools that make it easy for small businesses that may not have access to a development team, allowing business owners to have full control of over their content and message for their consumers.

Programing Languages

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript

Frameworks and Libraries

  • Gatsby
  • Next.Js
  • React.Js

Content Management Systems

  • Wordpress
  • Strapi

Back End Development

Sometimes your web application requires that we put in a server to facilitate different aspects. Our expertise in putting together REST APIs & Graph APIs will allow you to expand your online profitability by allowing users to stay in one place instead of leaving your site to gain access to more tools.

Full Stack Solutions

Having a development team that is skilled at full-stack solutions gives you the peace of mind that your application can hit all aspects of creating a business portal for your customers to enjoy for years to come.